International Schools in Thailand: Their Value and Importance

International education is available for everyone in Thailand. It’s a mistake to think that it’s only available to a limited few. Anyone – including your child – could now easily opt to study international curriculums in Thailand. There are no limits now when pursuing one’s passion and yearning for education. Being open and remaining open to a chance for international education is a must. This post will discuss why. In this post, we will discuss the following:

  • the importance of international schools in Thailand
  • who benefits from international education
  • the reasons why international education needs to be encouraged
  • tips for students who plan to pursue international education and study abroad

Why is international education important to Thailand? Who benefits?

International education or international schools, like Bangkok Prep International School, is important to Thai society for the following reasons:

1. Individual Development – individuals who want to take their expertise and mastery to the next level can rely on international education to make it happen. Access to field masteries is almost always only available in particular countries that house industry experts in a certain field. International education allows individuals to conquer their goals and fulfill their destinies. Studying in international schools will open students to such possibilities.

2. Government Aid – international education gives governments the chance to support their citizens through scholarships and grants. International education serves as an instrument for governments to further serve their citizens. It will be a solid form for the Thai government to be more involved in the betterment of the lives of its citizens.

3. Economic Growth – international education opens all involved parties – the student, the school, and the countries involved – to economic growth through the continuous interchange of skills, services, and resources.

The direct beneficiaries of international education are the students who get to have access to it. Next to them, are the family, community, and country of such students who ultimately benefit from all the learning and improved skills that students gain studying abroad. Thailand, as a country, will greatly benefit from having its students take up international education.

Why the need to encourage international education?

International education needs to be encouraged in Thailand because:

1. Global Economy

It opens people and countries to continuous economic growth that is not limited by race, geography, and nationality. International schools in Thailand will greatly help in enriching its current and future economy.

2. Global perspective

It allows for the continuous promotion of a global and wider perspective of the world. The interchange of knowledge, skills, research, and culture allows all participants (students, teachers, and education) to be fully enriched and inclusive. The world is getting smaller by the day and international education greatly helps in making such a world welcoming, accepting, and harmonious. International schools in Thailand will make it easy for Thai culture to be introduced and ever known to the rest of the world.

3. Immersive learning

International education allows for truly immersive learning for everyone involved. There is nothing like learning from the best of the best in a country that offers the most advanced facilities and research laboratories. This can only be possible if students are encouraged to consider international education and are actually given easy access to it. Enrolling in international schools in Thailand will make this easily possible for all.

Tips for Thai Students Who Plan to Study Abroad

Tips for Thai Students Who Plan to Study Abroad

Please consider the following tips if you, your child, or anyone you know is considering studying abroad:

1. Aim for discomfort

Studying abroad is a grand experience. You should never aim for it to be easy or hassle-free because it is meant to give your discomfort in all the best ways possible. Being abroad will allow you to fully see the person you’ve become apart from the environment you grew up in. Every day will open you to an existential experience as you will get to see, one day at a time, yourself clearly and your place in the world. This is why it’s important for you to never settle for comfort. Always point your attention to where there can be possible discomfort and pain. That is where true learning and transformation will take place. If a project scares you and rattles you – go for it! That’s where you’ll witness your personal power and magic!

2. Explore, explore, explore

Studying abroad is the best time to explore and learn everything that you normally don’t have access to in your country. Always schedule a day for exploration of everything that is new and different from your own culture. You should always be open to new experiences and perspectives. Staying open will allow you to enrich your mind in a way that only studying abroad can provide.

3. Branch out

You should not limit your circles to people that you already know and ones that share the same race or culture with you. You should make it a point to branch out and reach out as much as you can. Studying abroad gives you a prime chance to fully expand your network on a global scale. This chance is something that you should fully utilize. Make it a point to be friends with people from different countries, cultures, and religions.

4. Go after the exchange of perspectives

You should always be open to new insights. The world is so big and we only get to experience it once. Studying abroad and connecting with people from different cultures will allow you to experience the world deeply. Connecting with others and knowing their perspectives on different matters and concepts will allow you to reframe and reprogram your mind on a whole new level. Being open to new perspectives will allow you to become an entirely new person with a brighter mind and bigger heart.

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