How to Decide Whether to Get a Doctorate

Deciding whether you want to get a higher education qualification, such as a doctorate, can be difficult. Instead of rushing into the decision or panicking that you are going to make the wrong choice, this guide can help you to decide whether getting a doctorate is the best option for you.

How will it help your career?

The first consideration that you should think about when you are deciding whether or not to take a doctorate is whether it will aid your career. Many people decide to take a doctorate because it will help them to be noticed by employers. They may also get a doctorate because it will give them the skills and knowledge that are required for their dream role. However, many others simply take a doctorate because they are apprehensive about going out into the world of work and panic that they will not be able to find a job. To find out more about whether a doctorate is worth it, you should check out this guide to getting a Doctorate in Psychology and whether it is worth it or not.

Are you ready for more education?

However, before you make this decision, you should think about whether you are ready for further education. Many people find taking a qualification stressful, especially if they are not naturally academic or struggle with the current education system. Not only this, but you may have had enough of formal education and may be desperate to get out into the world of work. Others may be excited to learn more and may feel that they will; benefit from learning or specializing before going out into the world because this is the best way that they can prepare.

Do you have other commitments?

You might also think carefully about the other commitments that you have. For instance, you might look after your family. If this is the case, you might want to go to a college or university that is near to you to get your qualification or look at online options. You might also need to look at the support that you will be able to get from the college in question, as well as your family and friends, or even a medical team if you look after a sick relative.

Can you afford it?

You should also look into the cost of a doctorate and whether you have the finances to afford it. Most people will have a part-time job while completing their doctorate, and you might look around for a job that will allow you to balance work and study. You might also decide to look into student loans and other personal loans that can keep you afloat while you study.

Are you passionate?

However, you should not decide to take a doctorate unless you are incredibly passionate about the subject in question, and if this course will allow you to learn more and specialize in a certain field that you could spend all day learning about without getting bored or fed up. This will ensure that no lecture or seminar feels like a chore and will mean that you never regret your decision to return to education.

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