Waxy Flexibility: Definition & Overview


Waxy flexibility is a situation wherein someone stays in a role for an strangely long term after a person else locations her or him in a role. Once located in a role, the individual does now no longer pass till a person else comes and actions her or him, although the placement is extraordinarily painful or uncomfortable. A individual with waxy flexibility is typically unresponsive or gradual to reply to outside stimuli, along with the sound of human beings calling his or her call or seeing a flash of light. Such human beings even have a reduced reaction to pain, that’s why they may be capable of live within side the genuine identical role for a protracted period.

Waxy flexibility is one of the much less not unusual place signs of catatonia. That’s a situation which can make it difficult on the way to pass and speak. Catatonic signs are most usually connected to schizophrenia. But that’s simplest one in every of many causes. You can get them when you have any other scientific situation or serious intellectual illness, like bipolar disorder.

Your situation may be moderate or severe. That’ll have an effect on how difficult it’s far to transport your limbs and the way lengthy you’ll live in sure poses. Waxy flexibility usually responds quick to treatment. It’s critical to peer your physician proper away when you have it. Symptoms of catatonia may be life-threatening once they aren’t treated.


Waxy flexibility typically occurs with different symptoms and symptoms of catatonia, along with:

  • Mutism, while you don’t communicate plenty or at all
  • Stupor, while you don’t reply in your environment, even pain
  • Negativism, while you strongly face up to a person else transferring your body
  • Posturing, while you pass and keep that role for a while

If you’ve got got problem transferring, you’re much more likely to:

  • Not devour sufficient food
  • Get infections
  • Be dehydrated
  • Have muscle problems
  • Have heart and blood pressure issues
  • Get bedsores
  • Get blood clots

That’s why it’s critical to peer a physician proper away when you have signs.


Suppose you walked right into a room in your manner to a assembly and noticed persons ta tus directly together along with his left hand pointing in the direction of the sky and his proper hand in his pocket. At first, you suspect not anything of it and maintain to head approximately your day. Two hours later as you are making your manner to go out the constructing, you strollvia the identical room and be aware that the person’s role has now no longer changed. Curious, you ask a person nearby if the person has been status like this for a completely long term.

You discover that the person has been on this genuine identical role for the beyond5 hours. Eventually, the constructing proprietors name 911, fearing that the person is hurt. Despite severities to get the person to reply or pass, he remains within side the identical role till the emergency scientific technicians pass his legs and arson the way to tie him to the gurney. The man’s immobility is an instance of waxy

Waxy Flexibility and Catatonia

Waxy flexibility is a symptom of catatonia. Catatonia is a kind of psychomotor disorder, this means that that it’s far an impairment in intellectual approaches that manage movement. Additionally Catatonia isn’t always a standalone prognosis, however is a specifier, that’s to the give up of a intellectual prognosis to suggest the presence of extra features. Catatonia is a specifier of numerous intellectual disorders, including:

  • Major depressive disorder
  • Bipolar I disorder
  • Schizophrenia

Catatonia also can be because of a standard scientific situation, i.e. rheumatoid arthritis and Huntington’s disease.

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