5 Public Speaking Jobs to Consider in 2023

Making your voice heard is important in today’s world. Whether it is being heard in the workplace or addressing a global problem, we all need to get our ideas across.

Becoming a public speaker can be extremely rewarding. However, it isn’t always easy to get your name out there. Meanwhile, starting a new career can be tough.

Let’s look at what public speaking jobs we can consider in 2023. Read on!

1. Virtual Public Speaking

Virtual public speaking has made a lot of waves in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. In 2023, it will be more in demand than ever before.

It gives people a platform to share their message and reach a wider, more diverse audience. With virtual public speaking, you no longer need to be physically present to speak. You can virtually present your views to any audience from anywhere in the world.

2. Freelance Public Speaking

Freelance public speaking is a versatile profession that enables remote work and offers flexible hours. With the growing popularity of webinars, communities, and other remote learning resources in the coming decade, the demand for freelance public speakers will be even greater.

Not only will individuals have the opportunity to make a living off of their passion for conveying information. But the more experienced freelancers may even open up doors to explore higher-level positions where they can share their knowledge and expertise as industry luminaries.

3. Event Moderator

In 2023, event moderator jobs are particularly appealing. Moderators facilitate discussions at events, ensuring that the discussions are well-organized and flow smoothly. As an event moderator, you will be responsible for:

  • Engaging with the participants
  • Introducing speakers
  • Delivering the agenda
  • Moderating a panel discussion

Mastering public speaking skills is essential for this job. With excellent communication and presentation skills, event moderators can bring an event to life; they are the catalysts for inspiring and productive conversations.

4. Corporate Trainer

Corporate trainers can provide CEOs and other high-level executives with essential industry knowledge while also teaching new employees useful and up-to-date skills. They can also provide valuable insight into how to better employ their human resources.

Furthermore, corporate trainers enjoy the opportunity to speak to large audiences about their passions and engage with innovative minds in the corporate world. If you’re looking for an interesting way to get involved in the business world, a career in corporate training is a great option!

5. Motivational Speaker

Working as a motivational speaker provides the opportunity to travel to many places and meet a variety of people. There is a growing demand for skilled motivational speakers due to the rise of digital networks and platforms.

Therefore, motivational speakers can gain recognition and monetary compensation for their efforts. Overall, working as a motivational speaker in 2023 is an excellent opportunity for those with a passion for public speaking, a positive message, and enthusiasm for a cause.

To start exploring public speaking jobs, be sure to sign up for a public speaking course. It could provide the right opportunity to use your unique skillset to make a difference in the world.

Consider One of These Public Speaking Jobs Now

Public speaking jobs in 2023 will offer opportunities for dynamic, engaging, and exciting interactions. Those interested should consider anything from motivational speakers to narrators and entertainers for corporate events.

With a wide selection of fields, there is sure to be a position that speaks to you. Get started today by exploring your options and seeing how you can make your mark on the public speaking industry!

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