Careers You Can Pursue After Getting a Theatre Degree

When you are pursuing a theatre degree it is always good to have a long-term vision and end goal in sight. Deciding what you will do, and what areas you will focus on after completion of your degree, will allow you to get a career that is both rewarding and enjoyable. There are lots of career options you can pursue after getting a theatre degree, and here are just a few of them which may be suitable.


If you have a passion for dance and a desire to lead others then a career in choreography may be perfect for you. As a choreographer, you will oversee leading dancers, and put together dance moves and steps that other dancers will follow. A career in choreography could lead you to work with musicians or other artists and direct their future performances. Alternatively, it could lead you to work with local theatres, helping them orchestrate dancers and put on regular performances. A career as a choreographer could take you around the world and allow you to achieve a good work–life balance.

Theatre Director

If you have attended one of the best theatre colleges and achieved your degree, then you may well find that there will be many opportunities available to you as a director. As a theatre director, you are accountable and responsible for a wide range of areas. This includes who is cast and for what role, right through to when rehearsals happen and when production takes place. A theatre director holds a lot of weight and responsibility, and through your time studying you will find that you have a greater understanding of the many roles and guises involved within theatre.

Casting Manager or Director

Finding the right person for a particular role is the responsibility of the casting manager or casting director. If the casting is not done correctly, it can have an impact on how smoothly the production runs. Casting the wrong actors or dancers can influence the backstage environment, as well as the front-end production, and ineffective casting can ruin a theatre director’s name, and it can tarnish a budding reputation. Even though the role of a casting manager is very stressful, it can be hugely rewarding, especially if you get cast members that have a healthy relationship and work well together.

Talent Agent

A talent agent or booking agent represents actors, musicians, and other artists. They act as a go-between, and they actively work to find roles for those that they have in their books. As a talent agent or booking agent, you can embark on a very diverse career that could see you moving around the country at a moment’s notice. To become a successful agent, you will have to work hard to establish and forge positive relationships. This will mean that you will have to spend a lot of time networking and building contacts. Without this background to rely on, you will find it hard to get the people you represent the bookings they deserve.

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