ancient France

All that you should know about ancient France: from history and economy to religion and clothing habits.

France is a pivotal country of the Euro-centric imagination. We have seen France as the country next to Great Britain in its trials to colonize different parts of the world. So, France has been an important political force, more or less always. This is why…

17th Century New York

How Was 17th Century New York Like? Maps, History, and More

New York has always been a city of dreams for many, over the years. With films like Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver and Woody Allen’s Manhattan, this dream has become more and more widespread. It is the center of American finance and economy on one hand….

Social Stratification

Social Stratification

The word “social stratification” means a type of social inequality. Every society provides power, poorness, and equality to its members. This is a process of differentiation of this social status. In this system, some people get to the top of the food chain while others…