6 Reasons Why You Should Learn English

With an estimated 1.5 billion speakers worldwide, English is the most widely spoken language, according to 2023 survey reports.  The prevalence of the English language is evident in every industry, from education, business, and technology to tourism, media, and international communication.

On top of that, there are over a billion people worldwide who continue to invest in English courses and degrees, either as a passport to a brighter future in their own homeland or to increase their chances of going abroad. After all, no country would want to be left out when it comes to developments in technology, knowledge, international affairs, and entertainment. And without the ability to speak or at least understand English in today’s world, you definitely can’t keep pace with the rapidly advancing global village.

But whether you wish to serve your homeland or plan on going abroad, English would certainly be an important tool for achieving your personal ambitions. If you haven’t decided yet whether to start your language-learning journey, here are some reasons why you should learn English right away:

1. It Leads to Better Employment Opportunities

There is no doubt thatknowing how to speak English increases employment opportunities in every field. Consider any fields related to science. Academic papers and communication between departments are generally in English, and institutions would therefore greatly value those who speak it over those who don’t, despite having similar skills.

Learning English can also lead to direct employment opportunities, such as teaching the language to others. If you’re already an English teacher, you can take your career to the next level by applying to TESOL masters programs online. With the advent of online learning, you can easily make up to $10-40 per hour of teaching international students remotely.

2.  It’s the International Language of Business

If you’re planning on joining the 150 million start-ups in the world, you need to learn English to survive. English is the international corporate language, so it doesn’t matter whether your company is based in an English-speaking country or not. If you’re required to conduct some business proceedings with a company from any country other than your own, you can’t hope to communicate with them if you don’t understand and speak English. Moreover, proficiency in English also gives you opportunities to expand your business by reaching a wider audience and creating an international customer base.

3.  Improved Travel Experiences

Nearly everyone has a dream destination they long to visit. But what will you do there if you don’t know their native language? The answer is simple! English is the international language, so it’s used in almost every country for communication with foreigners. Many countries display emergency information, street signs, flight information, and public transit timetables either in English or in both English and their native tongue. Even airport announcements everywhere are mostly in English. So, learning this one language can enable you to have easier travel experiences no matter where you wish to go in the world.

In addition to enabling smooth conversations between you and the locals, it will also help you to connect with other travelers you might come across on your vacation.

4.  Greater Access to Entertainment and Information

Whether it’s some Hollywood action film you’d love to watch or an adventure novel you wish to read, access to entertainment is one of the major perks of learning English.As we spend more and more of our time on our screens, the global online entertainment market continues to grow. English is the language used by nearly 59% of websites over the internet. So whether it’s some information you want to look up for your next assignment or some good web content to entertain your kid, learning English can give you access to a greater variety of entertainment options and a wider base of knowledge.

For academics, it’s of even greater importance to learn English, as most of the latest research and updated textbooks are only available in English.

5.  Improved Communication with English-Speaking Friends

If you have English-speaking friends online or at your workplace, communication with them can be tough without appropriate English language skills. Language is the vehicle of communication, and insufficient communication can lead to weaker relationships and misunderstandings. Additionally, just one instance of miscommunication at school or in the workplace can create serious problems for your academic life or business proceedings.

6. Enhanced Understanding of Other Cultures

Every language is a reflection of those who speak it. And since English is the native language of about 273.63 million speakers and the official language of 44 countries worldwide, you can gain access to in-depth knowledge of many cultures across the globe by learning it. Also, many world-famous movies and TV shows were made in English, representing a number of pop culture references. Understanding these references can make it easier to connect with individuals who have grown up with them.

The Takeaway

Learning English is a basic need in today’s world as the interdependence and communication between countries increase. As the most commonly spoken language worldwide, English is the gateway to success in every area of life. Going through some of the reasons why learning English is important, it is evident that without this language, you’ll miss out on multiple opportunities while simultaneously facing several hurdles to progress in both your personal and professional lives.

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